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Photo courtesy of Joshua Brackett's Eagle Scout Project

Niobrara County Library - Albert E. McFarlane (February 2, 1861 - February 8, 1948)

Albert E. McFarlane (February 2, 1861 - February 8, 1948)

The Lusk Herald
February 8, 1968

20 Years Ago - February 12, 1948

A.E. McFarlane, 87, Lusk pioneer, died February 8, at the Spencer Hospital.

Thon Book No. 4
February, 1948
Lusk Pioneer, A. E. McFarlane, 87, Dies

Albert E. McFarlane, 87, a pioneer of the State of Wyoming and a highly respected citizen of Lusk for sixty-two years, passed away at the Spencer Hospital, Sunday morning, February 8, 1948.

Mr. McFarlane had been in failing health for some time and for many years had been almost blind, but his sudden passing came as a shock to relatives and friends, as he had entered the hospital only the previous day.

He was born February 2, 1861, at Chicago, Il., the son of Alexander and Frances McFarlane. His father died when he was six years of age and his mother when he was nine. He had one sister, Helen McFarlane, who died in 1903, and a brother, George McFarlane, who died in Lusk on November 27, 1944. (Note: This is entered as published. However, family sources and Helen's obituary indicate that she died on September 24, 1979. Her married name was Willson.) They lived in Chicago until after the great fire, when they moved to Palatine, Ill, where he graduated from high school.

When he was 18 he moved to Highland Park and shortly afterwards went to Arkansas, where he spent a couple of years, and then lived about two and a half years in Texas, coming to Wyoming on February 28, 1886, and went to work in the Silver Cliff mines, located in the hill west of town, which is still known as the Mining Hill. His uncle, Hugh McFarlane, was one of the owners of the mine at that time.

March 4, 1889, he was married to Mary Jane Hancock, and they were the parents of five children - Archie , who died in 1935; Albert, Helen, George, who died in infancy, and Ralph. Mrs. McFarlane passed away on August 7, 1903.

After coming to Wyoming, Mr. McFarlane engaged in several occupations, but was a carpenter by trade. He made a speciality of building sheep wagons, which were the pride of the sheepmen who owned them, as they were the finest in this part of the country. For about 15 years he engaged in raising Hereford cattle, and then after selling them he went into the dairy business which he operated for 12 years, and then sold his ranch and the dairy to Bradley & Son. He again took up his old trade of building sheep wagons, but failing eyesight forced him to give up his work.

On July 20, 1907, he was married to Miss Zona Bradley, and they are the parents of two children, Kathleen and Claude.

Although Mr. and Mrs. McFarlane separated years ago, Mrs. McFarlane returned to Lusk and kept house for Mr. McFarlane after his health failed and added much to his comfort during the last years of his life.

Funeral services will be conducted from the Peet Chapel on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. Lawrence P. Juell officiating.

Survivors are his sons, Jack McFarlane of Lance Creek, Wyo.; Ralph McFarlane of Lusk, and Claude McFarlane of LeGrande, Oregon; daughters, Mrs. Helen Willson and Mrs. Kathleen Anthony, both of Lusk; grandchildren, Mrs. Frances Louthan and Mrs. Mary Jane Weber both of Yakima, Washington; Mrs. Dorothy Dobson of Lance Creek; Joe Manning and Bob Willson of Lusk; Marjorie, Martin, Garry and Robert McFarlane, and Lee McFarlane; and five great-grandchildren.

The Lusk Herald
February 27, 1936
Al McFarlane Came to Lusk Fifty Years Ago On February 28

If Al McFarlane survives until Friday, February 28, 1936, he will have been a citizen of this section of the world for half a century.

As a young man, Mr. McFarlane came to Lusk to work for his uncle, Hugh McFarlane, who operated the Great Wyoming Mining and Milling Co., which was engaged in a mining enterprise in the hills northwest of the present site of Lusk.

Mr. McFarlane came here on a freight-outfit, which was freighting some mining machinery from Chadron, the end of the railroad, to the mining camp here. It was a long, tedious journey from Chadron on the slow-moving freight wagon. They arrived at the Van Tassell ranch on February 27, 1886, and made the trip here the next day.

At that time the town was located around the north end of the Silver cliff hills, and was known by three names - Lusk's horse ranch, Silver Cliff and Running Water. After the coming of the railroad, the present townsite was platted and the town established here.

"After arriving, I was dog-tired from traveling on that freight outfit," said Mr. McFarlane. My uncle had an office, 12 by 16. The first thing I noticed was a large stuffed mountain lion, the most perfect job of mounting I have ever seen. He looked as natural as life, with his mouth open, his teeth showing poised as if ready to spring. That night after I had gone to bed, my uncle dragged that mountain lion up close to the bed. Something awakened me in the middle of the night. It was a beautiful night, with the moon shining in through my window. As I rubbed my eyes, I saw that mountain lion staring me in the face. If anybody tells you that your hair don't stand up, you may call them a liar for me. I could feel my hair rising up on my head, and I was so scared I couldn't move - until it happened to dawn on me that it was the stuffed lion in the office.

"I don't believe I will be here for another fifty years, but I hope to live long enough to see the good people of Lusk celebrate their semi-centennial this coming summer."

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